We're seeking A Master of Ingenuity. Is it you?

Are you an experienced ESL teacher to young learners who is fed up with last minute cancellations? Tired of commuting between students? Want to know exactly how much you'll have earned by the end of the month/year? If so, join our team!


Hi, we're Swietłana and Dominik, certified Cambridge English Qualifications examiners from YLE Pre-A1 Starters to C2 Proficiency levels. Together we run Złote Zgłoski, a school that specialises in teaching English to kids and teens in Miasteczko Wilanów. Our motto is: „From a novice to a genius.”


We strongly believe that English is a living language, not just a school subject, which is why all our classes, irrespective of our students' age or level of proficiency, are conducted in English. We focus on communication rather than merely covering coursebooks.

Our language school is a Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre and all our courses from 3rd grade of primary school up are exam courses. Our students' splendid test and exam results prove a few things: our work is measurable, we are not afraid of external assessment and we are able to plan our students' future linguistic education for many years to come.

What will your responsibilities be?

  •  You will make your students enamoured with English which will motivate them to learn it.
  • You will run your classes in English and your students will also communicate with you and with each other in English (contingent on their age and skills)

  • You will teach English using Total Physical Response method, and you will use appropriate gestures to anchor songs, stories and new vocabulary to your students’ memory.

  • You will engage your students with creative action games, flashcards and interactive whiteboard activities.

  • 3 times a year you will send your students' parents written feedback on their kids' progress.

  • You will prepare your 3rd and 4th grade students for Cambridge Young Learners exams at pre-A1 Starters and A1 Movers levels. To do so you will employ engaging stories and entertaining interactive activities plus you will administer two full mock tests.

10 reasons to be a part of Złote Zgłoski

 1. You are employed from mid-September to the end of June – that's as many as 72 meetings with each of your groups. You work in the afternoons in teaching blocks with no gaps between classes. 


2.Your classroom is fully equipped (and it's not a public school's classroom rented for hours), and you need not commute for each class. 

3. There are no more than 8 students in a group.

4. We take pride in our teachers; thanks to them our clients not only have continued their education with us since our inception in 2011, but they also wholeheartedly recommend us to their friends. That's why we spare no expenses and you will know exactly how much you will earn, which enables you to budget your life well in advance. Note: no classes are cancelled or postponed.

5. You benefit professionally as we will train you, take you by the hand through induction and support you in case any issues arise. Our support will include how to conduct lessons in English or how to implement the Total Physical Response method. We will show you what successful quarterly reports reports look like and instruct you what to write and what to avoid there. Finally, you will gain critical knowledge on how to prepare your pupils for Cambridge Young Learners Exams.

6. You are employed at a private language school where your work really matters and you're not just a cog in a machine.

7. We respect your time– there's minimum amount of red tape and official communication happens mostly via email or Skype.

8. You can put your feet up when your pupils have official days off or holidays, which enables you to plan yours easily.

9. Your remuneration always comes on time, no matter what.

10. You are provided with liability and personal accident insurance.

Join us if:

1) You have experience in teaching kids aged 6-10 – in groups, not individually!


2) You are keen on teaching children and all that it entails: high energy level in class, singing, loads of action and games, fooling around and sometimes comforting your pupils.


3) You are skilled at running your classes solely in English so that your pupils understand you no matter their age or level of proficiency.


4) You are creative and your classes are loaded with fun activities, instead of merely doing exercises in a book.


5) You are patient, caring and eager to find new ways to explain matters if the previous ones have failed your pupils.


6) You are always thoroughly prepared for your classes, with a few aces up your sleeve to offer if things go awry.


7) You are aware how crucial discipline is; you introduce your rules and are able to enforce them with consequence and patience.


8) You don't shy away from contacting your pupils' parents and you're ready to collaborate with them if needed, for instance by providing them with concise information on their kids' behaviour, homework or progress.


9) You realise how important your job is, and you are at work on time, don't cancel your classes at the eleventh hour and without any apparent reason.


10) You are available at least two afternoons per week (Mon+Wed or Tues + Thurs) on contract (umowa-zlecenie) or B2B.

This job is not for you if:

 1. You dislike or don't know how to teach children or consider them to be naughty, difficult or spoilt.

2. You think it is not possible to teach kids solely in English and in order to be understood you need to resort to the Polish language yourself or allow them to address you in their mothertongue.

3. You do not spend time preparing for your classes, do not use teaching materials or consider brief run through the pages a few minutes before your classes to suffice or your students spend most of their time at their desks doing multiple exercises in their books.

4. You enforce discipline by raising your voice or implementing punishments. 

5. You are after temporary employment and do not want to commit. We are looking for teachers who will stay with us for more than only a few months or just one year.


Recruitment path


1) Questionnaire stage

We will contact selected candidates.


2) Practical task stage
It will be sent to selected candidates.


3) Face-to-face interviews
We will invite selected candidates to the school premises.


Are you interested? Fill in the questionnaire below.
P.S. Do not send/paste your CV, please.


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